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  • Being healthy shouldn't be a chore


    At Studio ME, we believe you shouldn't dread working out. Our unique combination of classes are fun and accommodate all fitness levels. With Shockwave, Indo-Row, TRX, and multiple types of Yoga, you will never get bored either.

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  • Start the new year off right

    MEfit Tabata Bootcamp

    Need a jump start to your training program? Participate in high intensity interval training exercises in this 8 week program. Put simply, a 4-minute Tabata Bootcamp™ workout can reap the same benefits as a longer but steady workout, like running for a half hour.

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    MEfit Tabata Bootcamp

Studio ME is a specialty fitness studio located on Historic Saint Anthony Main in Northeast Minneapolis.

We offer a variety of unique programs that bring private training principles into group fitness. Our classes include: TRX Suspension Training, Bosu Balance training, Yoga, SHOCKWAVE, Indo-Row, Kettlebells as well as bootcamp and private training sessions.  Not only do we offer personal training in a group setting but we have technology including live heart rate monitoring in each class to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Why workout for 60 minutes when you can set the same workout in 30-45mins? Our classes accommodate ALL fitness levels and abilities with a focus on functional fitness to prepare you for everyday life.

At Studio ME we know group fitness can be intimidating in certain atmospheres, but you won’t find that here. We are all about preparing you for life. We are focused on movements that mimic your everyday life. We use body weight along with very little equipment to get you the best results in as little time as possible. Our classes range from 30 minute express classes to 60 minute power classes and have no more than 10 participants in class. Because we mostly use body weight as equipment, there is something on the schedule for everyone. All of our talented instructors will spend time getting to know each and every one of you as well as your fitness and wellbeing goals. Check out our class schedule and get ready to experience the best in  group training.

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Studio ME is owned by local Nordeast resident, Megan Cooper. Megan’s dream was to bring a unique twist on small group training to NE Mpls. She has belonged and taught at boutique studios throughout the area as well as ran her own bootcamps. While doing this and growing her skills as a trainer and instructor she saw the opportunity to do more and along came Studio ME. Our goal is to bring private training into a group setting. We focus on keeping classes to under 10 participants so we can really focus on each and every one of our clients needs. Have a goal? We’ll help you reach it. We are thrilled to be based in NE Minneapolis (Nordeast to the locals) with the supportive community and we just can’t beat the location right on the river.


Promote a healthy lifestyle

Promote a healthy lifestyle

It’s hard to find time to work out and eat right in today’s busy world, so that is why most of our classes are 30-45 minutes. You will get the most “bang for your buck” in these short, action-packed workouts.

Improve activities of everyday living

Improve activities of everyday living

We try to use your body weight as much as possible in our classes to reduce injury, increase stability, body awareness, and flexibility. No matter your age or ability you will find a class that suits you on our schedule.

Create a family environment

Create a family environment

Studio ME will provide opportunities to get to know each instructor as well as other members. It’s not just about working out, but making friends in the process. Group fitness is powerful and can help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Watch our schedule for Happy Hour Classes, special events and social gatherings.

Have fun!

Have fun!

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. We promise to make each class fun, exciting and challenging. You won’t regret a workout here!


We don’t mess around with cheap equipment. Our rowing machines are the standard training equipment for rowing crews across the world. We have professional grade TRX bands, custom designed plyometric boxes, official BOSU equipment, and more.

Amanda Hiatt

Studio ME’s instructors are genuinely interested in my health and fitness goals. I’ve been to classes where the instructor can’t remember my name after several weeks. Receiving that sort of treatment was discouraging and damaged my idea of group fitness classes. It wasn’t until receiving the sort of treatment that Studio ME gives to each one of her clients that I understood how effective group fitness classes can be. I didn’t used to believe that exercise could be enjoyable, but Studio ME completely changed my mind.

Carrie Valois

I have always been a fairly active person, this summer I have decided to take my fitness to the next level. I want to become more tone, and just overall more fit, including dropping a few pounds. I have been doing group classes lead by Megan since the first of June, both in person and online with video’s she has created. In just one month, I can feel the difference in my body and my assessments have already shown results, by the increase of strength and a decrease in body fat percentage. Megan has supported and pushed me the whole way. These may be my goals, but Megan takes them on as her own too, she wants me to succeed as much as I want to, and I can feel that.

Marti Estey

I get more of a total body workout in 45 minutes at Studio ME than I do while working out for double that time on my own. If you want results fast and want them the right way, I highly suggest Studio ME.

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