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Located on historic St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis, MN

Studio ME is located on historic St Anthony Main in Minneapolis, MN. The map below shows where parking is available, and where our studio is located. The easiest way to find us is to take the path between Tuggs Tavern and Vic’s Restaurant. Enter the building through the glass doors and you can’t miss us. You can also enter the building off of 2nd St SE and take the stairs down to the first floor. Follow the signs for Tuggs, and you should run right into Studio ME.

In the map below, the yellow areas are per-hour parking. The parking ramp located on SE 2nd Ave is a great place to park in the winter as it connects almost directly to our Studio through an underground tunnel. Take the elevator in the parking ramp down to ‘T’ and follow the tunnel and signs to Tuggs and you will run right into us.

The streets highlighted in blue are paid meter parking Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. The streets highlighted in red are paid meter parking Monday through Saturday 6am to Midnight. All street parking meters run $1 per hour.


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