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“When I moved to Minneapolis in January of last year from Williamsburg, Virginia, I didn’t really know what to do with myself in Minnesota winters. I found myself going to work, going to happy hour, and watching TV. It was also a bit of an adjustment switching from walking around a college campus to sitting at a desk all day. I could feel myself becoming more and more lethargic. One day my mom told me: “You’ve got to start working out regularly, it’ll make you feel so much better”. I fought this idea for a few weeks because I was not a huge fan of gyms… or working out, but eventually decided that it could be a great place to get out of my apartment and meet people and to get into shape.
I eventually started researching small gyms in the city, and decided to try Studio ME. After my first class at Studio ME, I was hooked. The class sizes were just right, I could get personalized attention but the focus wouldn’t all be on me, and everyone is so incredibly friendly! Plus, I could tell that I was getting a good workout. After my first TRX class, I could barely walk and definitely could not lift my arms above my head. And it was amazing.
Since I’ve joined, I’ve seen such incredible results. I’ve called my family multiple times just to tell them about a new PR I’ve hit on the water rower or if moved up in weights in Kettlebell. But it’s not just the noticeable changes during class, it’s the daily changes as well. I don’t crave the sugary foods as much and if I sit for more than an hour straight I get super fidgety and HAVE to move. I even notice that walking is easier, which I definitely did not think was a thing.
Studio ME has definitely changed my life for the better. My lifestyle is drastically healthier and I am so much happier since joining. The instructors and crew are such incredible people, encouraging and never-judging. I’m excited to be a part of this amazing community!”


June Member of the Month

Meet Emily! Emily has been a member since August of 2015. It has been so fun getting to know Emily and her family and help her reach her goals. They are a big part of our community so I am really excited to recognize her month. Let’s hear from her…

“I joined Studio ME almost two years ago now. After a couple years of full-time work and grad school followed by a year of total sleep deprivation with a newborn, my husband and I were both feeling unhealthy and knew it was time for us to take control of our health and start modeling a healthy lifestyle for our son. Studio ME had opened up near my work and I suggested that Chad check it out. I had no intention of joining him since group fitness classes had never really been my thing. However, I don’t think it was even two weeks before I signed up for my first class. I couldn’t help myself after I saw how excited he was about it – both in terms of the physical results he was seeing and the fun people he was meeting. I started to feel like I was missing out!

The first week was pretty rough since I was really out of shape. However, I couldn’t believe how encouraging and supportive everyone was – even people who were in better shape than I will ever be. That is one of the things I really love about Studio ME – the classes are so accessible for all different fitness levels. I also love the variety of classes – I get a well-rounded workout and am never bored – SO much better than my days on the elliptical in my condo workout room! But the best part of Studio E for me is the social aspect. Having a young son means that free time is limited and “mom guilt” rises to the surface if I spend too much time away. Therefore, I love that Studio ME checks off multiple boxes at once – I get a great workout and I socialize with really great people. Even my son looks forward to coming to the gym to drop one of us off or getting to hang out during a movie night!

My fitness goals aren’t super crazy – I just want to be healthy and strong so I can do fun and active things with my family. I am hoping to get under 20 seconds on my 100 meter sprint soon, work on building quad strength so I burn out less quickly on hilly bike rides, am looking forward to doing some brewery 5Ks this summer. It has been really fun to see how much strength I built just in this last month from pushing myself to get to so many classes and I look forward building on that!”

Congrats Emily! Cheers to many more successes!

Member of the Month and Rowing Challenge Winner


Beth has been a member of Studio ME pretty much since its inception in 2014. She is a pretty amazing person!  During the month of February, we challenged our members to a Rowing Challenge. Something we typically do twice a year. During this challenge they set forth to row as many meters as they can during the month. Beth stepped up to the plate with one thing on her mind…winning. See she came in second place last June and she was going to make sure she won this time. Boy did she!  Beth rowed 320,414 meters which is about 200 miles. She set her mind to it and didn’t let anything get in her way! I am amazed at what she accomplished and the changes her body saw as a result. I’ll give you a sneak peak…4″ off the waist and a reduction in her resting heart rate by 10 bpm. This is HUGE!!!!

Not only is Beth a kick ass rower but she also kicks ass in the conference room too! Here is a picture of her in her new tank top.

Let’s hear from Beth!

“I tried StudioME on a recommendation from another member Kathyrn. I love supporting local, woman-owned businesses and wanted a workout that would keep me from getting bored/plateauing. I have done every type of workout program you can imagine including P90X, Insanity, T25 – a mix of all 3, Discover Strength, Gyrokinesis, biking, running, yoga but they always ended up gathering dust. I am a believer in primal living/eating so I was always trying to mix a program that would combine strength, sprints, yoga and responsible cardio and I have been with StudioME now for over 2 years and love it.

My goals have always been to feel good in my body and be able to move my body the way I want to and that is what StudioME has given me. Those of you who know me know that I don’t believe in scales but I did take one measurement before the rowing challenge this month around my low waist and after the rowing challenge I had lost 4″. Not only that, but my resting heart rate went down 10 bpm!!! I am pretty excited to see what other changes will come before my 40th bday in January 2018.”

Member of the Month

Please join me in congratulating Elise on member of the month.  Here is her story:
“My first visit to Studio ME was initiated by a friend who wanted to find a gym together.  I was mildly hungover on a Saturday when we tried our first kettlebell class, but I made it through and have kept coming back!  Having tried out a few other local gyms without success, I was looking for something I wouldn’t get bored of and want to quit after a few months.  It was important to me too that I find an environment that was personable and where I felt comfortable (aka, no strangers giving unsolicited pointers on my form, and where instructors actually care to know your name!)  Studio ME was it.  I love the small class sizes, variety of workouts, and the energy the instructors and my Studio peers bring.  I still get excited to work out, even after a year- all I need to do is show up and I know I’ll leave feeling better than when I walked in.

Over the past year I have appreciated being challenged at every class and seeing the results from working out.  Not only feeling more fit and losing weight, but when our rec soccer league started up again after a 5 month hiatus, I had no trouble keeping up this time around.  Working out at Studio has been the routine that stuck and I’m so grateful that I’ve found something that works for me.”

New Year, New Member of the Month!

Please join me in congratulating Chad on this month’s member of the month recognition.  Chad joined Studio ME back in 2014 and hasn’t looked back! He had become a beast on the WaterRower and is lifting double what he was when he started when it comes to the kettlebell. Talk about dedication to his health and fitness. Congrats Chad!

“I first joined Studio ME in June of 2015 after I found out that I went from being a super preferred life insurance classification down to a standard classification. I guess my random weekly workout was not cutting it and I needed and was ready for a lifestyle change. After taking my first class, Kettlebell with Siri, my initial goal was just getting through a class at Studio ME. I can still remember how I thought doing any move with that blue 20 lb. kettlebell seemed extremely heavy and insane. Thus, my first big success was when I was using that 20 lb. kettlebell on a consistence basis and now I am on to using a 30 lb. kettlebell as a baseline for my kettlebell workouts! I like Studio ME for a multitude of reasons, yet I will list my top 2. First, I appreciate the new styles of workouts Studio ME has introduced me to. Not only do I love the low impact aspect of the classes, I am thankful that I can get my cardio and strength knocked out in 45 minutes. Second, l love the community feel Studio ME has cultivated. This community has opened up their arms to our son Gabe and has introduced me to cycling, paddle boarding, and an amazing group of people. Cheers to the new year and creating healthy habits.”


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November 2016 Member of the Month – Katie Nalepka

Please join me in congratulating Katie on Member of the Month! Katie has been a member of Studio ME for almost a year and has never looked back.

Katie’s Story:

“It was about a year ago, I had been looking to join a gym. I had my eye on a handful, but one of the deciding factors of checking out Studio ME was seeing an old friend highlighted on Facebook as Member of the Month (Hi Tonya!).  I immediately sent her a note to see what Studio ME was all about, and before the end of the  night, I was signed up for my first three classes and planned on joining Tonya for a Saturday IndoRow class. The rest is history!


Over the past year, I’ve slimmed down and toned up and  have so much more energy than I did before – I have turned into a person that looks forward to my work out! I attribute my continued attendance to not only the variety of classes offered, but how the same class varies from one class to the next – you never know what you’re going to get, which I think is great! My current favorites are Kettlebell Circuit and Total Body Row.


When I am not at the gym, I can be found brunching with girlfriends, experimenting in the kitchen, or doing all. the. car. things with my (new!) hubby! We are co-organizers of a winter car rally called The Polar Run which raises money for local charity. I explain it as a day long scavenger hunt and it is a blast. Last year, as a group, we raised over $30K for our local Ronald McDonald House. This year we have over 40 teams raising money for the Minnesota Masonic Charities, which will be doubling our donations- we’re excited to see what we raise this year!”


Katie is ready for The Polar Run. November 2016 Member of the Month.

Member of the Month

Meet Aaron!  Aaron has been working hard in bootcamp and seen dramatic results and all because of his desire to be healither. In just three months he has lost 6% body fat, 4″ on his waist and 25.6 lbs.  Let’s get to know

“Back in March, my wife and fellow Studio ME member Larissa, suggested we join this bootcamp that was being put on. When she told me it started at 5:45 AM, I told her “I’ll think about it”, which is usually code for “No way”.  However, as I thought about it, I was softening. For quite some time, I’ve been wanting to lose weight and just become healthier, and long bike rides on the weekends just wasn’t cutting it. I needed a routine exercise schedule and I know that I actually prefer to exercise in the morning (despite being a night owl), so one day I tell her to sign us up!

I’m pretty sure I felt like I was going to die that first Monday, since I was working so many muscles that haven’t been used in years of working in an office. Slowly however, my muscles became stronger, and weight started to come off.  Couple that with paying attention to how much I’m putting into my body (aka “I think one helping of hotdish is enough”) and I’m excited by the progress I’ve made (even though I’ve still got a ways to go). It makes me want to tell others who have a similar sedentary struggle about how great bootcamp and Megan (and staff) are.  It’s not hard, it just takes dedication and a desire to be healthier.”

May Member of the Month

Meet Michelle.  Michelle has made huge strides in just three months. Please join me in congratulating her and giving her a high five next time you see her.

“When I heard about Studio ME from a coworker in February, I was intrigued — I really didn’t know indoor rowing was a thing, but I was searching for a cross-training opportunity. A longtime bike commuter and sometime endurance biker, my one-sport lifestyle had given me knee problems that were causing misery on and off the bike. Thankfully, by the end of my first Indo-Row I knew I was hooked; this full-body, high-intensity, and low-impact workout was just what I needed.


I just finished up my 12th week as a member and I’m so thrilled about the changes I’m seeing in my body that I feel like a walking infomercial. Lately I’ve been feeling much stronger, and noticing muscle tone and power in places it wasn’t there before — which brings an awesome sense of accomplishment and confidence. I feel stronger and better balanced on the bike, and the knee pain and quad inflammation that were part of my daily life have noticeably decreased. I find myself avoiding stairs less and pushing harder on my commutes, just in time for summer adventures.


Recently I heard someone complaining about the challenge of balancing body positivity with their gym culture, and I had to beam a little about the culture at StudioME. Our focus on personal bests, teamwork, and having fun while working hard has become an island of focus and positivity that I look forward to week after week. I’m so grateful to the awesome instructors and crew that make StudioME what it is!!


I’m looking forward to the coming months: chasing lower split and sprint times, keeping with the foam rolling, getting some serious meters in ahead of my wedding in October, and aiming to be able to join Team Hop Wheels for the MS150 in 2017!”

-Michelle Funk

April Member of the Month



We have absolutely loved coaching Joel towards his goals and look forward to helping him reach even more!  He has seen so many gains since starting at Studio ME in October. Let’s hear a little from Joel…

“Looking for something new and convenient to my new neighborhood, I gave Studio ME a try last October.  I was immediately impressed with the variety and intensity of the workouts and have been a member ever since.  I enjoy the constant challenges provided by the instructors at Studio ME.  They know what you’ve done in the past, and they continually add difficulty when you need it (even though you may not always want it!).  Since joining, I’ve had huge increases in my endurance and overall fitness in addition to dropping about 15lb.  I’ve noticed these changes while enjoying some of my favorite pastimes including hockey (indoors and on the pond) and skiing.  Although winter might be over, I’m looking forward to the next round of fun in the summer, which for me means wakeboarding, biking, golf, and patio bars.  Until then, I’ll continue to show up to workouts to get/keep in shape, hang out with the great people at Studio ME, and to shamelessly put away beer and pizza at the next group happy hour!”

Are you getting the most out of your workout?

Live Heart Rate Monitoring at Studio ME.
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Your heart rate determines your current fitness level and can help avoid the pitfalls of over training and under training. Think about your goals…Do they include weight loss? Have you plateaued? If so, then you should be using a heart rate monitor while working out. To try this technology, sign up for three classes today for only $25.

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