April 2016 - Studio ME Fitness

April 2016

April Member of the Month



We have absolutely loved coaching Joel towards his goals and look forward to helping him reach even more!  He has seen so many gains since starting at Studio ME in October. Let’s hear a little from Joel…

“Looking for something new and convenient to my new neighborhood, I gave Studio ME a try last October.  I was immediately impressed with the variety and intensity of the workouts and have been a member ever since.  I enjoy the constant challenges provided by the instructors at Studio ME.  They know what you’ve done in the past, and they continually add difficulty when you need it (even though you may not always want it!).  Since joining, I’ve had huge increases in my endurance and overall fitness in addition to dropping about 15lb.  I’ve noticed these changes while enjoying some of my favorite pastimes including hockey (indoors and on the pond) and skiing.  Although winter might be over, I’m looking forward to the next round of fun in the summer, which for me means wakeboarding, biking, golf, and patio bars.  Until then, I’ll continue to show up to workouts to get/keep in shape, hang out with the great people at Studio ME, and to shamelessly put away beer and pizza at the next group happy hour!”

Are you getting the most out of your workout?

Live Heart Rate Monitoring at Studio ME.
Our mission at Studio ME is to ensure that each and every member is getting the most efficient workout in as little time as possible. Live heart rate monitoring allows us to track just that.

Your heart rate determines your current fitness level and can help avoid the pitfalls of over training and under training. Think about your goals…Do they include weight loss? Have you plateaued? If so, then you should be using a heart rate monitor while working out. To try this technology, sign up for three classes today for only $25.

Wondering what the best zones for training are? Take a closer look at this image. Our instructors plan each class to give you the biggest bang for your buck! Don’t have a heart rate monitor but want to buy one? Click here to order.


Eating a balanced meal can be tough…

Tired of counting calories? Well you don’t have to if you follow these simples guidelines. Eat three balanced meals a day. This will ensure your getting the appropriate nutrients daily.  Ok, so what is a balanced meal? It’s simple!  Make sure each meal contains protein, vegetables and healthy fats.  To help, take a look at this  Balanced-Meal-Formula.  You will see some examples of what constitutes a lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fat. To help you create meals, I will be posting a recipe a week. That’s right. Check back weekly for recipes as you begin on your journey of eating three balanced meals a day.